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Alkaline Applications

A good acid-alkaline balance is the  prerequisite for the wellbeing of the  body and beautiful skin. Today‘s lifestyle often leads to an excess acidity.  Alkaline body care neutralizes acids  and  helps  the  skin  to  naturally  excrete  toxic  substances.  This  promotes stress relief, general regeneration  and  releases  blocked  energy. This is also ideal for hypersensitive  skin and neurodermitis.

Alkaline Peeling With Bath
Soft, whole body peeing with alkaline salts, followed by a relaxing  alkaline bath.
55 min. € 81,00 - Request now

Alkaline Facial Treatment
An extremely effective facial treatment consisting of an intensive  cleansing, deacidifying fleece mask  pampering massage and deeply  effective products. The treatment  helps the skin to free itself from  acidic remnants and brings it back  to its natural balance. The regeneration process of the skin is supported,  the appearance of the skin is significantly improved, the cells are filled  with new energy and the skin  retains a feeling of wonderful harmony. 
85 min. € 121,00 - Request now

Alkaline Bath
Helps the skin to deacidify, promotes the excretion of toxins and  releases blocked energy while simultaneously providing a relaxing  effect. This is especially recommend  for skin with a tendency towards  dryness and flaking, as well es after  sports.
25 min. € 39,00 - Request now