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Baths  has  exercised  a  beneficial  effect  on  the  body  and  soul  since  antiquity.The effect of warm bathscan be strengthened by the use of  bath  supplements.  Susanne  Kaufmann™ organic treats have developed  special baths for various needs.

Oil Bath For The Senses
Aromatic, relaxing and aphrodisiac  aetheric oils made from lavender,  ylangylang and patchouli put you in  a positive mood,heighten the senses  and give you a velvety-feeling skin.
25 min. € 45,00 - Request now

Herbal Whey Bath Nourishing
Whey is one of the oldest beauty  care products. The herbal whey bath  nurtures with lime blossoms and  chamomile to ensure wonderfully  smooth and soft skin.
25 min. € 45,00 - Request now

Herbal Whey Bath Calming
The herbal whey bath soothingly helps to relax the body and resolve blocks with its active ingredients of lavender and lemon balm. It also has a purifying effect.
25 min. € 45,00 - Request now

St. John's Wort Bath
The relieving qualities of St. John’s  Wort care for the skin and have a  balancing effect on negative factors  such as stress,dry indoor air or sunburn.  
25 min. € 45,00 - Request now

Witch Hazel Bath
The healing herbal complex reduces  inflammation and balances the  moisture and lipid content.
25 min. € 45,00 - Request now