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Body Pack

The pack is mixed freshly and applied with a brush using gentle strokes. You will be wrapped in a cocoon of towels  whilst receiving a relaxing head massage on one of our  warmed wellness loungers. We offer you the packs either with or withour a preparatory body scrub.

Detox Wrap
The horsetail pack is detoxifying,  deacidifying and stimulates the  metabolism. Water retention and fat  deposits in the body will be broken  down. The action phase in wrap  increases the absorption capacity of  the active substances by up to 50%.
25 min. € 55,00 - Request now

Sports Compress With Rosemary
Gain new vitality for the joints and  muscles, reduce stress, relive tension and stimulate the circulation.
25 min. € 55,00 - Request now

Cream Pack With Evening Primrose Oil
Moisturizing and re-oiling, can help  ease Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis,  inflamed skin and allergies.
25 min. € 55,00 - Request now

Lavender Pack
Calms the nerves and restores balance in case of exhaustion, sleep disturbances, nervous gastrointestinal  disorders.
25 min. € 55,00 - Request now