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Bye,Bye Cellulite

Your thigh, your stomach or your backside have not anymore the consistency you would prefer? You want to eliminate the orange-peel skin? We show you how to tighten and stabilize your silhouette with the help of our Ericson Laboratoire Paris. Even after the first application you will see the outcome

Osmo Thermie
Detox - Detoxification and deacidification inside out full body salt peeling and pack with the precious salt from Guérande, the rich in essential trace elements and minerals ensures that osmotic processes are dissolved waste products and discharged from the system with the help. Problem areas are supplied by the additions of herbs and essential oils especially with the skin and then feels like velvet and silk.
60 min. € 95,00 - Request now

Slim & Lift Slimming And Firming At A Glance
A powerful full-body treatment with a slim-and lift effect.This results in the stimulation of the lipometabolism, simultaneously promoting the production of elastin fibres which make the skin firmer again.

-Slimming and firming effect "ADIPO Reverse"
-Multi-effect against cellulite
-repairs stretch marks
-protects capillaries

90 min. € 110,00 - Request now

X50 Bodymatrix Designed For Mature Skin
The anti-aging intensive treatment X50 BODY MATRIX treats specifically the classic problem areas of thighs,buttocks and abdomen.It combines five modes of action:

-forms and slimmer body and reduces cellulite
-regulates the hormonal balance of the skin
-has a firming effect on the abdomen
-relieves heavy legs and strengthens the blood vessels
-reduces pigment spots due to the lightening effect

75 min. € 125,00 - Request now

Cellulit'Vib No More Orange Peel
A modeling anti cellulite treatment that has an "explosive" fat triggering phytocomplex of active ingredients. This can be compared with ultrasonic treatment, the emptying of the fat cells promotes connective tissue and is able to reorganize. There is obtained a triple effect: splitting of the fat cells, dissolving the free fatty acids, removal of the dissolved waste products. Cellulite is effectively combats the skin surface is smoothed.
60 min. € 115,00 - Request now