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Detox Treatments

Detox is a very effective and holistic method to detoxicate your body. Specific applications have been developed for those treatments.  These include whole body massage, peelings and wraps.The elimination of toxins via the skin is supported and  the overall energy flow is improved.

Detox Massage
The alkaline foot bath activates the  metabolism and purification process. After this, the diverting massage stimulates the deep tissue to  segregate the released harmful substances.
50 min. € 93,00 - Request now

Detox Oil Scrub
The detox scrub opens the channels  of the dermis from which the toxins can escape. Special elimination points are stimulated in
order to promote the circulation of the tissue  and the elimination of toxins. Massaging in of tightening pomegranate  oil with soft and flowing massage  techniques.
50 min. € 93,00 - Request now

Detox Liver Wrap
The liver wrap promotes the circulation and detoxification of the liver, supports the functions of the liver, is relaxing and promotes 
healthy sleep. The wrap is also available in combination of other treatments.
25 min. € 27,00 - Request now