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Our skin is – Unique. Sophisticated. Precious. Composed  like a "mosaic of the most diverse needs". That's why we  offer you the best possible treatments with high-quality  products from Susanne Kaufmann™ und Ericson Labora toire Paris.

Facials by Susanne Kaufmann

Natural Anti-Aging
Susanne Kaufmann™ has developed the method of natural anti aging in years of experience in Susanne Kaufmann™ Spa. An important part of this holistic concept are the treatments in Susanne Kaufmann™ Spa. From a purely scientific point of view,
the aging of the skin begins in the mid-twenties. A good reason to develop an awareness for healthy skin at an early stage, because
the consequences are usually only visible years later. Through early, consistent care, the skin looks longer young.
Natural anti aging treatments have the goal of protecting and strengthening the skin before the first signs of aging, in order to
mitigate the symptoms and move them backwards.

Anti-Aging Facial Intensive
Careful cleansing of face, neck and décolleté, enzyme peeling for gentle removal of dead skin cells, thorough depth cleaning, incorporation of an antioxidative power agent with a special fascia cure massage, subsequent ultrasound treatment for injecting the active ingredients, highly concentrated lifting mask for an immediate tightening effect, day care with the anti aging line A.
85 min € 161,00 - Request now

Anti-Aging Facial Cleansing
A basic treatment individually tailored to the needs of the skin where the skin is clarified with steam, a mild peeling, deep cleansing and effective products. This treatment leaves your skin feeling clear and fresh.
55 min € 85,00 - Request now

Anti-Aging Facial Individual
An extremely effective facial treatment tailored especially to the condition of the skin consisting of a mild peeling, intensive cleansing,
nourishing mask, pampering massage and deeply effective products. The condition of the skin is improved, the cells are filled with
new energy and the skin retains a feeling of wonderful harmony
85 min € 121,00 - Request now

Anti-Aging Facial Sensitive
A treatment tailored to the needs of facial skin that is sensitive, irritated or prone to couperose. The use of calming active ingredient compound and lymphdrainage reduces redness and gently bring the skin back into a natural balance.
85 min € 121,00 - Request now

Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizing
A regenerating and smoothing moisture kick through the application of highly concentrated moisturizing active ingredients. The skin is supplied with important minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The resilience and little moisture wrinkles are improved immediately.
85 min € 121,00 - Request now

Anti-Aging Facial Clarifying
The intensive cleansing and vitalising enzymatic peeling refine the pores and have an antibacterial effect. After the peeling, the skin is ready to absorb highly concentrated active ingredients and is regenerated and clarified through the gentle lymph-drainage and deep-cleansing mask.
85 min € 121,00 - Request now

Facials by Ericson Laboratoire Paris

Hydra Clinic
Moisture and lipid reconstruction of  excellence. The skin is stimulated to regenerate  itself, leaving it with a silky, velvety  feeling. Cleaning with selected cleaning  essences, gentle exfoliation, eyebrow  shaping, moisture serum, facialneck- décolleté massage, hydrothermal-mask, eye and lip care, balanced daily care.
60 min. € 85,00 - Request now

Hydra Clinic with cleansing 75 min. € 105,00 - Request now

Caviar Deluxe
Luxurious nutrition for all skin  types. An incomparable experience of   luxury and exclusivity.  Cleaning with selected cleaning  essences, coral scrub, eyebrow shaping, moisture ampoule with fresh  cells and caviar oil, facial-, neck-  and décolletè massage, Fresh   Caviar Black mask, eye and lip   care, ba lanced daily care.
75 min. € 135,00 - Request now

Caviar Deluxe with cleansing 90 min. € 155,00 - Request now

Acti Biotic - Deep cleaning
The treatment for combination skin,  oily skin and acne skin. The result is incomparably fresh  skin that noticeably and visibly  impresses.Especially recommended  for those who wish a deep skin  clearing out. Cleaning with selected cleaning  essences, deep-cleansing,clarifying  deep peeling, moisture ampoule,  mineral mask, serum, balanced  daily care.
60 min. € 80,00 - Request now

Genxskin – Re-aging of latest expertise
As a result of the newly discovered  Wakame-Ester brown algae gene  extract, this innovative Anti Aging Control System brings about the  revitalization of 14 genes responsible for keeping the skin young. The  results are reduced wrinkles and  improved facial contours after only a  few treatments and a consequent  use of the homecare products.  Cleaning with selected cleaning  essences, gentle exfoliation, eyebrow  shaping, lift serum, facial-, neck-  and décolletè massage,restructuring reconstructive 3D Mask, eye and  lip care, micro filler, balanced daily  care.
75 min. € 125,00 - Request now

Genxskin with cleansing 90 min € 145,00 - Request now

Skinjexion – no more wrinkles
Highly effective anti-wrinkle and  anti aging treatment!  Reverse-aging technology. Highly  potent hyaluronic acid reduces wrinkles.SNAP-8 smoothes wrinkles by  relaxing the facial muscles. Cell protective indulin slows down the formation of wrinkles .The result : An  exclusive alternative to wrinkleinjections.  Cleaning with selected cleaning  essences, eyebrow shaping, clinical  brush-peeling, SNAP-8 serum and  hyaluronic acid, (trought via skinjector and micro-needling) facial-,  neck- and décolleté massage, special  mask,eye and lip care, balanced  daily care.
75 min. € 125,00 - Request now

Energy Lift – fighting against gravity
With the recent patented innovation  in the cosmetic industry an effective  treatment for facial restructuring  and contouring of the face oval is  achieved. It has a plumping effect on  the sunken skin and smoothes wrinkles.Terminates the local fat deposits on the neck, the lower cheek area  and the facial contours.  Cleaning with selected cleaning  essences,eyebrow correction, gentle  exfoliation, morpho fill and morpho  slim serum, facial-neck-décolletémassage, gypsum modeling mask  with hot-and-cold-effect, eye and lip  care, balanced daily care.
80 min. € 130,00 - Request now

Intensive Eye Care
The effective care for your eyes  based on your specific individual  needs. Intensive eye care is an effective treatment for wrinkles, bags, fat  deposits and dark circles.  Cleaning with two phase eye makeup remover, tailored to your needs  eye fluid, pressure point massage,  Cool Mask, balanced daily care.
20 min. € 44,00 - Request now

With all our facial treatments additionally bookable

TDA per zone
€ 43,00

Ultrasound treatment - individually with your facial treatment
€ 52,00

€ 82,00

Facial Massage
Relaxation and care
25 min. €  42,00

Facial Lymphatic Drainage
The gentle effective treatment for swelling
40 min. € 69,00

Eyelash Tinting € 13,00
Eyebrow Tinting € 13,00
Eyebrow Shaping € 10,00