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Susanne Kaufmann™ Organic Treats

Susanne Kaufmann™ organic treats are natural, beneficial, effective and especially compatible. Today, the internationally renowned holistic care line comprises more than 70 functional products. A great deal of knowledge
gained through experience, collected over many years of practical applications. Precious active ingredients – products are created from valuable natural essences, oils and single substances. The percentage of active plant ingredients is especially high. Energy rich oils such as rosehip seed oil and cuckooflower oil serve as carriers. Specific functions – all ingredients have been specifically selected for their desired effect. For this, we use combinations of various plant materials that mutually supplement and enhance each other. These plant compounds provide a strong effect that can be felt immediately. Uncompromising compatibility – the highest quality of ingredients, careful processing and years of experience with plant ingredients result in especially excellent compatibility. All ingredients are dermatological tested and we use non-allergenic scents for fragrance.

Further information about the products of Susanne Kaufmann can be found here.

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Ericson Laboratoire Paris

Our concerns about our physical appearance, which intensify as we grow older, make medical cosmetics an increasingly important factor. The desire to improve unsightly, disturbing skin changes is becoming stronger. Success in this area depends on professional, highly-effective products and treatments created specifically to cater for your personal requirements. In using the multi-therapy approach developed by Ericson Laboratoires Paris, we offer a concept based on highly sophisticated and invariably innovative research, in both a technical and scientific sense. The Ericson Laboratoires Paris range of products and treatments are offered and implemented exclusively by specially-trained dermatherapists. Enjoy the full complement of therapies and treatments on offer. The use of high potential cell extracts, biotech enzymes, ultra-polymerised DNA, plankton and algae extracts, phytohormones, extracts of fresh caviar cells etc. is responsible for the rapid and clearly noticeable results of these products and treatments on face and body.

Further information about the products of Ericson Laboratoire Paris can be found here.

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