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The preliminary talk, sound training and experience, as well as mindfulness and the right feeling in the fingertips allows different combinations of massages and treatments tailored to your needs. Deletion, kneading, friction, knocking and vibration. There are 5 hand grips that make up the classic massage and which are used in various phases of a massage due to their respective effects. Beneficial treatments for body, mind and soul. Optimized by herbal stamps, warm St. John's wort oil and special handling techniques.

Full Body Classic Massage
50 min. € 90,00 - Request now

Partial Body Classic Massage
25 min. € 49,00 - Request now

Combo Massage
A combination of back and neck massage and foot reflexology massage. For stimulating the body's natural healing process.
50 min. € 90,00 - Request now

A sports massage is a strong, intense massage and an addition to a classical massage.
Traditional and additional massage techniques are used for the real needs and problems of a sportsperson. The massage is very deep and intensive.
50 min. € 95,00 - Request now

Aroma Oil Massage
This soft flowing treatment with an aromatic oil, loosens and relaxes the muscles, tightens the connective tissue, improves the skin tension, relieves pain and releases accumulated energy again. They all feel well, strengthened and in a new sense of balance.
50 min. € 90,00 - Request now

Honey Massage
The honey massage is an old healing method from the russian (ukrainian) folk medicine and tibetan medicine. The fresh, natural honey has not only nourishing, strengthening and regenerating but also antibiotic and immuneboosting effects. The honey massage produces an irritation of the tissue. The circulation is stimulated, diseased areas can detoxify and regenerate and thereby pains are eased. Through the massage, the pores are opened and the skin can breathe more freely.
30 min. € 64,00 - Request now

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Detoxifying and purifying treatment. For swelling (oedema), rheumatic diseases and sport injuries and bruises.
50 min. € 97,00 - Request now

Foot Reflexology Massage
This type of massage relieves blockages and tension in the body. With this massage, vital energy can once again flow through the body and the selfhealing process is once again activated. Chakra balancing.
35 min. € 57,00 - Request now

Relax Treatment Feet
Warming and invigorating foot bath followed by foot massage. A proven method from TCM to allow energy to flow evenly through the body.
35 min. € 60,00 - Request now

Indian Massage
Full body effleurage with warm sesame and ginger oil. It activates the metabolism and stimulates the energy centres.
55 min. € 105,00 - Request now

Relax Treatment Body
This head and neck massage releases tensions, headaches and blockades, supports the flow of energy and then optimizes concentrated work. A warm oil turban harmonizes the energy centers.
50 min € 92,00 - Request now

Relax Treatment Head
This head and neck massages releases tensions, headaches and blockades, supports the flow of energy and then optimizes concentrated working. A warm oil-turban harmonizes the energy centers.
50 min. € 92,00 - Request now

Mountain Herb Stamp Massage
Warmed linen stamps filled with mountain herbs are soaked in aroma oils and used along the energy meridians and musculature. This has a deep-heating effect on the musculature, loosens knots and relieves tension whilst also putting body and mind in a deep state ofrelaxation.
70 min. € 145,00 - Request now

Precious Stone Massage
Touching that moves body and soul. During a precious stone massage, the energy meridians are stimulated, and energy blockages released, thereby harmonising body, mind and soul. The type of precious stone chosen will have a different effect: either to aid in relieving muscle tension, stimulating the circulation or improving vitality. Chakra balancing.
70 min. € 136,00 - Request now