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The preliminary talk, sound training and experience, as well as mindfulness and the right feeling in the fingertips allows different combinations of massages and treatments tailored to your needs. Deletion, kneading, friction, knocking and vibration. There are 5 hand grips that make up the classic massage and which are used in various phases of a massage due to their respective effects. Beneficial treatments for body, mind and soul.

Classic Full Body Massage
50 min. € 90,00

Partial Body and Back Massage
25 min. € 49,00

Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage
This type of massage relieves tension, headaches and blockages, promotes the flow of energy and allows us to think more clearly.
40 min. € 82,00

Aromatic Oil Massage
This softly flowing massage with aromatic oils gently loosens and relaxes the muscles, relieves pain and allows blocked energy to flow freely again. You will feel completely at ease, invigorated and with a new sense of balance.
50 min. € 97,00

Foot Massage
Foot massages that take into account the foot reflex zones can release blockages and tension in the body. Thanks to the massage, energy can flow freely through the body again and activate the body's self-healing powers.
25 min. € 57,00

Sports Massage
The sports massage uses classic massage techniques as well as additional techniques to meet the specific needs of athletes. The massage can also be performed very vigorously if required.
50 min. € 99,00

Herbal Stamp Massage
The heated linen stamps filled with herbs are soaked in aromatic oils and used along the energy channels and muscles on the body. This causes a deep warming of the muscles, loosens hardening and tension and promotes a very deep relaxation of body and mind.
70 min. € 145,00

Gemstone Massage
This massage with hot gemstones stimulates energy channels and releases energy blockages to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Depending on the choice of gemstone, it helps to relieve muscle tension, stimulate circulation and increase vitality. At the same time, the chakras are harmonized.
70 min. € 138,00

Leg Massage
A leg massage is a soothing massage. It not only stimulates blood circulation, but also eliminates the feeling of "heavy" legs. The leg massage also has an extremely relaxing effect on the muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system.
25 min € 55,00

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