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Mommy Time

Treatments for mommies to be

Facial Basic
A basic treatment individually tailored to the skin's needs, in which the skin is clarified and strengthened with a mild peeling, deep cleansing and effective products. This treatment leaves your skin feeling clear and fresh.
55 min. € 110,00

Facial Deluxe
An extremely effective facial treatment specially tailored to the skin's condition, consisting of a mild exfoliation, intensive cleansing, a serum, nourishing mask, pampering massage and deep-acting products. The skin condition is improved, the cells are replenished with new energy and the skin is left feeling wonderfully harmonious.
80 min. € 150,00

Wellness Relaxation Massage
50 min. € 90,00

Leg Massage
A leg massage is a soothing massage. It not only stimulates blood circulation, but also eliminates the feeling of "heavy" legs. The leg massage also has an extremely relaxing effect on the muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system.
25 min € 55,00

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