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Mommy Time

Treatments for mommies to be

Suddenly, two (or more) hearts are beating in your body  now – an exciting time begins. The treatments provide  gentle relaxation and  ultra-pure essential oils for the regeneration of the neck, shoulders and legs. A pack specially developed for the "round"months has a moisturizing effect and promotes the suppleness of the skin.

Relax Treatment
Head and neck massage, hand scrub, hand massage, foot bath and foot scrub.
70 min. € 105,00 - Request now

Alkaline Treatment
Alkaline leg wrap, extended shoulder and neck massage, skin nourishing pack for the baby belly, foot and leg massage.
70 min. € 135,00 - Request now

Full body relaxation massage with almond oil
Effective against stretch marks, keeps the skin elastic and soft, relaxes and relieves many discomforts occurring during pregnancy.  The massage takes place in the lateral and dorsale position. Enjoy this gentle full body massage from head to toe. To feel good and relax for you  and your baby.
40 min. € 75,00 - Request now

Individual Facial Treatment
An extremely effective facial treatment tailored especially to the condition of the skin consisting of a mild peeling, intensive cleansing, 
nourishing mask, pampering massage and deeply effective products. The condition of the skin will be improved, the cells are filled with  new energy and the skin retains a feeling of wonderful harmony.
85 min. € 132,00 - Request now

Lymphatic against heavy, tired legs
Decongestion, facilitating lymphatic drainage on the legs.
50 min. € 97,00 - Request now