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Signature Treatments

The Detox Signature Treatment
The detox signature treatment is the perfect treatment to free the entire body from acidification and toxins.
Start with an alkaline footbath to begin the detoxification process, the massaging in of the detox oil peeling
stimulates the circulation and makes it easier for the skin to eliminate toxins, stimulating deep tissue massage along the meridians relaxes the fascia and stimulates lymph circulation.
90 min. € 153,00 - Request now

Ericson Laboratoire Paris Signature Treatment
Exclusive intensive treatment with caviar live cells and bioptic eye care. An incomparable experience of luxury and exclusivity. The result is a visibly tight, regenerated skin and a bright look. Cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté with selected cleansing
essences, coral peeling, eyebrow correction, effervescent ampoule with live cell extract and caviar oil, facial and neck décolleté massage, Fresh Caviar Black Mask, customized care for your eyes. Eye Care Intensive provides you effective remedies for wrinkles, tear sacks, fat deposits and eye shadow. Eye fluids adapted to your needs, pressure point massage, cool mask, lip care, final care.
90 min. € 152,00 - Request now

Susanne Kaufmann Deep Balancing Signature Treatment
Pure beauty, intensive care, wonderfully deep relaxation from head to toe. Let your soul, your skin and your whole body be cleansed, nourished, invigorated and pampered. Warming footbath for relaxing attunement, careful cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté, Detox Oil Scrub for the gentle removal of epidermal scales, fragrant oil bath for the senses, relaxing deep massage for face and body to activate the flow of energy, intensive moisturizing mask for the face, individual daily care.
120 min. € 219,00 - Request now

Buissness Men Signature Treatment Hydra Clinic Moisture Booster
The self-regeneration of the skin is activated, thus ensuring a feeling of velvet and silk on the skin. Selected cleaning essences, deep
cleansing, gentle exfoliation, eyebrow correction, moisture serum, TDA with hyaluronic acid, for the small wrinkles around the eyes,
face-neck and neck massage, hydrothermal mask, eye and lip care, balanced daily care.
85 min. € 148,00 - Request now

Susanne Kaufmann Signature Treatment Men
Cleansing and moisturizing treatment for the specific needs of men’s skin. Effective ultrasound and a tightening mask result in a completely new feeling to the skin. Careful cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté, enzyme peel for the gentle removal of dead skin and thorough deep cleansing, the working in of an anti-oxidizing active ingredient with the help of deepworking ultrasound, highly concentrated lifting mask for an immediate tightening effect, daily maintenance with the men’s face care Line M.
85 min. € 161,00 - Request now