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Pampering program for men

Treatments for man by Susanne Kaufmann

Men’s skin requires special care and protection. This is why we  have developed care products specifically tailored to these needs  – Line M. It makes daily skin care fast, simple and efficient. The effective treatments are targeted for the specific problems of men's skin.

Cleansing Facial
A basic treatment individually tailored to the needs of the skin where  the skin is clarified with steam, a mild peeling, deep cleansing and  effective products. This treatment  leaves behind skin that feels clear  and fresh.
55 min. € 92,00 - Request now

Signature Treatment Men
Cleansing and moisturizing treatment for the specific needs of men’s skin. Effective ultrasound and a  tightening mask result in a completely new feeling to the skin, careful cleansing of the face, neck and  décolleté.  Mild peeling for the gentle removal of epidermal scales, thorough deep cleansing,the working in of an antioxidising power active ingredient with the help of deep-working ultrasound, highly concentrated lifting  mask for an immediate tightening effect, daily maintenance with the men’s face care line M.
85 min. € 175,00 - Request now

Back Care
Careful cleansing and peeling of the  back, thorough deep cleansing and pore refining healing earth mask, final care.
55 min. € 95,00 - Request now

Classic Manicure
Hand bath, shaping, buffing and  cuticle care.
50 min. € 54,00 - Request now

Classic Pedicure
Brief foot bath ritual, shaping and buffing, cuticle care and callus removal.
50 min. € 57,00 - Request now